Allergy sufferers feel much better in the Alpine region. Numerous plants do not occur at high altitudes or only to a very limited extent. Other allergy triggers such as dust mites cannot exist at altitudes above 1,200 m and therefore do not cause any problems. In addition, you enjoy fresh, unpolluted air in the mountains and crystal-clear water.

If you have plant allergies, we recommend that you find out about the seasonal vegetation in Gries before booking.

  • Beds suitable for allergy sufferers
    Favourable location for allergy sufferers due to the
    altitude sea level 1.500
  • No traffic pollution
  • Pets are not allowed in Apart Silvana
  • whole flat equipped with wooden floors (no carpets in the rooms)

Other special features:

What you can leave at home

Our apartments are fully equipped and therefore ideal for a journey with little luggage or a journey by public transport.

Inhouse Sauna

To guarantee a relaxing holiday in the Ötztal we have our own sauna in our apartment house. So you can end your day completely relaxed.

Aqua Dome Partner

The Apart Silvana in Gries is located about 10 minutes from the Aqua Dome Therme in Längenfeld. As a partner, you will receive a discount for your entrance.