Cross-country-skiing in Ötztal


Relaxing and healthy
15km of classic cross-country ski trails and 10km of skating are available as is a small biathlon system which can be used during the week without advance notification. You can shoot at a 10m distance with original air-pressure guns that are used for the youth and junior areas. The size of the folding disc is proportionate to what you would find at the 50m distance.

Cross-country skiing paradise
You can skate both in Gries and at nearby Längenfeld. The Ötztal offers a total of 185 km of skating and classic trails.

A trip to Niederthai and Umhausen is also a worthwhile alternative for cross-country skiers.

Beginners can register for professional courses and start with the right technique from the beginning. There are also demanding trails for advanced skiers.


Ski destinations